Daniel is funny

The following is a transcript of the conversation recorded between Miley Cyrus and an unidentified man, backstage, after her performance at the VMAs. The actual recording has since been lost.

(door opening)

MAN: Miley, what was that?

MILEY: Shut the fucking door!

(door shuts)

MILEY: (panting)

MAN: Do you know what you just did?!?

(sounds like a water bottle being unscrewed)

MILEY: (panting, and then taking a gulp of water) I did exactly what was rehearsed. You saw it.

MAN: That’s not what we rehearsed. That’s not what we rehearsed at all!

MILEY: Who said anything about “we”?

(there is a long period of silence, and then the sound of something tearing)

MAN: Oh, God, Miley!

MILEY: Twerk it, man. You don’t understand. Only I, only I understand.

MAN: What’s happening to you?

(more ripping sounds)

MILEY: (her voice suddenly becomes much deeper) Do you see now what your daughter…

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