About Luna

Hey there!

I’m Luna (**not real name** duh!) and I’m a struggling writer wanna-be who wants to make a spot in the world through writing. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for books. I love to read and read more than sixty in a year (or twenty or so in a month), and if I can have my way, I’d rather be permanently stuck in my favorite lounge chair and the only sustenance I need to live is to read as much as I hunger for. Yep! That’s me.

But I also happen to have a really overactive imagination and writing it all down was all it took to make me happy. I have had so many journals and notebooks with doodles on stuff that I could have done for a particular story and there it is: writing.

Although I have absolutely no inkling on what to do first to make it up there just like my favorite idols Meg Cabot, Gena Showalter and *holy guacamole*, Jane Austen… I have come to the point where I should just pitch it all in and watch as the pieces fall and I learn from the mistakes I’ll be making.

I’m insane that way *maniacal laughter*. But I’m not dangerous. *wink, wink*

I am currently in uni and studying in the medical field which would explain why some of what I would write would be related to health. I find mixing what I love to do (writing) and what I am doing now (studying medicine) helps maintain balance in my life. Pursuing one and forfeiting the other would be utter nonsense (and just plain dumb). I confess I’d rather be studying creative writing than what I do now–but I’m not regretting the course I’ve taken.

Besides, most writers to date are from various professions and they are super awesome!

For now, this is what I have to live by and what would probably be my ace in achieving my dream. 🙂


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