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Dark Artifices Book 1 – Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1)Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

I simply ADORE Cassandra Clare.(period…literally) But then I see that there are also people who had something to say and more.. Then I just flipped coz I didn’t know that Ms. Clare’s style for the masses is getting a little…how do we say this…patterned?

Yep. Based from what people commented (as they anticipate yet another amazing serial novel), they’re getting antsy getting the same sequel, spin-off, from a previous hit that she made. They want more…

Personally, I think Ms. Clare makes the most amazing heart-stopping scenes, and just the most absolutely wonderful ideas for her books, but I can’t help agreeing to them. She is a GENIUS, and she could make a great leap from here…to ANOTHER great adventure. 🙂

Practically, I have no deeper say in the matter for I’ve been an absentee reader of the sequels due to so many more pressing matters in my life. But I gotta say, reading the summary of the story is making me anxious to finally get my hands on the book!

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Beyond the Dark Anthology by Angela Knight, Lora Leigh, Emma Holly, Diane Whiteside

Beyond the Dark (Includes: Tales of the Demon World, #5; Breeds, #13)Beyond the Dark by Angela Knight

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another anthology! Beyond the Dark is an anthology of H&H in a demon world setting. And there’s also Lora Leigh’s Breed’s story! Woot!

Dragon Dance by Angela Knight:

Ms. Knight always offers the most extra-spectacular for everyone to enjoy. Her story revolves around a world wherein humans have been found to have innate superpowers that made them extra special, unique and dangerous–calls them, ‘Hyper’. Some uses their skills to help the police catch those who abuse theirs. Arial is a negotiator who found she had a special power that came late after a run-in with a ‘Hyper’ but instead of her being made mad by her new-found talent Josiah a Hyper-tracker found her and aided her along. In Arial’s fight to master her skill with the aide of Josiah, their attraction to each other gets under their skin, not to mention the powers inside them that seems to be egging them on. But amidst their undeniable passion lurks an evil power that’s just watching and waiting for them to leave a hole in their defense. In the end, the truth about their ‘powers’ would be revealed, and Ms. Knight regales us again with a really hot, out of this world story.–I really enjoyed the story and if Ms. Knight would make a book that explains this story’s world, coupled with which unlucky pair get caught in it–would make a great read indeed!

Caught by the Tides by Diane Whiteside:

The story is set sometime during the French and English war. But here, the fight exists with supernatural alliances wherein people use their magic to fight with the other. Emma lives off the coast and gets a surprise when the tides brought in Owen, a gryphon elementalist, who serves for the Crown against Bonaparte. Emma doesn’t know that she herself is an elemental–a chalice (with a brimful of unused power)–Owen finds the woman who has no idea how much she could impact the result of the war with which side she decides to fight for. Especially since there seemed to be a traitor in their midst. Their attraction for each other was the key and the two not only makes perfect love but also perfect magic to win the war and stop the storm that raged over the lone island.–Wow. Just wow. The story was hot but in an inspirational/sweet way that would make anyone smile.

Queen of all She Surveys by Emma Holly:

First off: this story has some MFFFFF/MMMMMF action and implication, but only at the start. The story revolves around god-like personas–namely our H&H–Queen Tou and Memnon, son of a mighty sexual king. Queen Tou and Memnon are both god-blessed and here, Memnon, the son of the King Ravna of the other warring kingdom was defeated at a war on a particular land. As a war-offering, King Ravna ordered his son Memnon, to play harem-boy for Queen Tou, adding to her already large collection of men needed to appease her god-like sexual appetite. Memnon too also have the same god-touched ailment and right then they know they found the answer to their “harem-problem”. Love found from lust and Memnon comes to care for Queen Tou and Tou as well, who found retribution in Memnon’s arms. Then King Ravna puts salt in Memnon’s already wounded ego by trying to use him against the woman he had come to love. Memnon then chooses Tou and aides her against his tyrannical father–right after what Queen Tou had undergone under King Ravna’s reign.–Well, the mmmmmf had been disturbing put me off guard for I never really imagined it to go that way. But all in all, the story was piping hot!

In A Wolf’s Embrace (Breeds #13) by Lora Leigh:

Not that I’m stating favorites but–this was freaking awesome! As always from a Breeds story by Ms. Lora. Matthias plan goes kerblooey when Grace comes in and catches him killing a man. technically the man had been responsible in some heinous crimes on Breeds species and now Matthias must convince Grace that what he had done was for the good of all. Grace is convinced that the man she had come to know and care for, even felt more than she should especially with all the times they were together–thinking all of it were fallacy, was the lowest of low. He killed a man. Granted that the man deserved to die but he still killed him. Matthias abducts her in hopes of securing her to him, keeping her safe from harm (murderers were after their asses after the kill), and convince her that he was a good guy and that he was the one for her. The time they spent together meant everything to him–she meant everything to him. Passion is their aide and as Grace surrenders to their attraction, the consequences soon start to arise. Not to mention the promise of death still hanging over their head.–I loved reading the story again and again and again (5 at max). There is something extremely romantic when a guy confesses his passion for a woman and the iron-hard indication of possession. ‘My woman’, ‘Mine’…with mated pairs these are relevant and part of the magic. Every woman would love to have a man to be loyal to them and not look at any other mini-skirt clad butt. But in reality, women might hate clingy (oh, the irony!) men, but the way Lora Leigh had depicted the story made the passion of possession all the more hotter, sweeter and true!

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~~~~~ For the coming December month, I rose to the occasion and made December purchases. I confess a love for anthologies especially showcasing those stories around Christmastime! Check out my book lists of the different Christmas-time anthologies I found and tell me what you think…

To know whether a book is any good, wait up for a review for I sure will write something in each–even if it seemed rather tedious… 🙂

Silver Shadow (My Immortal Knight 5 & 6)

Silver Shadow (My Immortal Knight 5 & 6) by Delilah Devlin

Silver Shadow (My Immortal Knight, Book 5 & 6)Silver Shadow by Delilah Devlin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review made on individual books!

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