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When Seducing A Duke by Kathryn Smith (TOO HOT! :D)

When Seducing a Duke (Victorian Soap Opera, #1)When Seducing a Duke by Kathryn Smith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you haven’t yet read this book then all I can say is: OH-EM-GEE you live under a rock, you’re missing a lot in life!!!

Story goes…Greyden Kane is your typical duke: lusty, hot for woman’s form, looking for redemption and that ever elusive feel of belonging-ness. For that he hides under a mask (uh, literally). He’s so torn and wrecked inside that he couldn’t even let himself be in love with the girl who caught his heart, Rose Danvers. Lucky for him, she reciprocates his love ten-fold (although as love story’s goes, they don’t know yet until the near-ending that they get to say those 143’s and 1433’s). They have great chemistry (first chapter and you’ve got a very hot, hot scene!) and passion is like second-skin/sweat…sex is awesome! But Greyden is torn and it is up to Rose to sew him back up and make him feel like the man she had always thought he was…even without all the trimmings!

Personally…Whoo! High-five! Awesome! Brilliant! Magnificent! Need I say more????

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What’s different about this series?

Well for starters, Kathryn Smith had done major input on everything sensual…you might want to turn the AC on hih coz reading this book would surely put El Nino to shame (FYI: El Nino is extreme drought…imagine the heat and dehydration…now THAT’s how the story would leave you **hyperbole** 🙂 ).

Anyway…I just found that the characters really had an in depth relationship with each other–not just because they’re lusting after the other–but because they are in a LOT OF WAYS involved with one another. Greyden knew Rose’s father and Rose had always looked up to her father, until the day the looked-upon father put shame on their name–but without them knowing the real story behind it aside from Greyden himself. Rose was personified here as a “somewhat” innocent (although I know many would disagree), she seeks for what she wants by herself. She’s brave, spirited, strong-willed, dedicated and dumb.

Sorry for the irony but if we base it on reality (well, yeah going back to historical times then…), girls Rose’s age wouldn’t be thinking of what Rose did (pretend to be a hooker and let herself into the devil’s lair…and made him have his way with her). Somehow, women would ALWAYS manage to find a way to attract their mate. What Rose had decided and done upon herself was just something that would normally backfire the wrong way.

But this is fiction!

And the simple fact that Ms. Kathryn Smith placed a plot that had me hanging on to every scene and every word…the effect was simply ROMANTIC!

What a way to start a FEBRUARY!

So have you read the book? What did you think about it? Tell me what you think!


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