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My Sweet Succubus (My Immortal Knight book 8) by Delilah Devlin

My Sweet Succubus (My Immortal Knight, #8)My Sweet Succubus by Delilah Devlin

First off…WHOAH! The cover simply left me breathless! I so LOVE it and I can’t believe I just heard about this now!! Now this book is definitely going to my MUST-READ list or else I’m gonna go crazy.

Well, I’ve been following Delilah Devlin’s My Immortal Knight series and even though there were some books along the series/sequel that lacked much needed scenes to really show the story had been going at and there were a lot of hurried pacings. But anyway, all still went smoothly and started getting VERY interesting during their conflict between the **SPOILER! if you STILL haven’t read ANY** mutant vampires (conflict started if I’m not mistaken around book Relentless)…and yeah, you heard me. MUTANT.

I really liked the flow of the story especially after Joe Garcia (from Book Endless Knight) started his adventure; the time when things started to get very interesting and so out of the usual paradigm. Although I’ve also read some books with the same idea that Ms. Devlin had. Well..depends with the writer, really.

Anyway…MUST READ! :)))

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Mating Heat #2 – His Purrfect Mate by Laurann Dohner

His Purrfect Mate (Mating Heat, #2)His Purrfect Mate by Laurann Dohner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first bookMate Set was amazing. Then here comes this and Laurann Dohner just made me fall in love with her! This is the best PNR story I have ever read! (going to my all-time fave list!)

Story: this book is all about Anton, the older brother aside from Grady, from the intimidating family of werewolf shifters. In this story Shannon catches Anton’s attention when he finds her nestled on top of a tree, running for her life to escape murderous dogs out to get her delightful feline ass. Anton finds himself curious and intrigued that a woman could climb so high! Only then does he find out that persuading the little human to come down to safety was a big mistake for the moment she fell on his arms, he knew that he was immediately in deep shit. Shannon was clearly feline and there’s nothing more chewable for a dog, than a terrified feline. To make matters worse: she’s clingy, she’s really terrified, she smells absolutely arousing–and it’s mating heat.

First: the sex? H.O.T. Really, truly, outstandingly, out of this world H.O.T. Better turn the AC on high coz reading this will bring summer heat to a whole new level!

Second: the chemistry. Damn, they’re enemies for crying out loud! Imagine Mr. & Mrs. Smith and put some sexy heat in paranormal levels and you’ve got an explosion that will put atomic bombs to shame.

Third: the family. Definitely a huge contingent in the midst of their L.O.V.E..but on this book, I so wanted to punch his father…mmm maybe a brother or two (not Grady coz he’s happily settled with his mate!) and I would love to put his stepmother in a bag, tie a knot around it connected to a large boulder, then throw the whole “baggage” off a cliff…or ocean. Not to forget; the feline wannabe saviors only to find out they’re complete turds meanies!

Fourth: the L.U.V. Wow. Just wow. It’s somehow lust and lust and love but I read a book once that said love is often borne from lust. Well, there couldn’t be a happy relationship without explosive sexual attraction to always spice things up, is there?! (I don’t know, you tell me!)

There’s just something about wild animal instinct let loose during mating season/time–mixed with two warring characters–that makes the outcome hot, wild, fierce…everything that a erotic book should give to a reader. But Ms. Laurann is such that she’s so excellente at painting scenes and making her characters come to life–there are a lot here that you would just love to strangle and kill and totally evict off the story–but that makes it all the more a money-worth read!

A sure read that will make your toes curl and make you want to beat up your pillow (trust me, I did!) because of the infuriating characters the story boasts…I want more Mating Heat!!!

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Twice Bitten (My Immortal Knight 1 & 2)



Twice Bitten

Twice Bitten (My Immortal Knight 1 & 2)

by Delilah Devlin


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